RadioShack to offer T-Mobile phones for free too

RadioShack joins T-Mobile in offering all T-Mobile phones for free this Saturday. However, RadioShack has two important advantages over just heading over to the T-Mo store -- no family plans will be required, and all rebates will be instant.

We've heard that T-Mobile will be offering every single phone in every T-Mobile store for free this Saturday, June 19th. Well, RadioShack has decided to join in the fun as well -- all T-Mobile phones in its stores will be free, also for this Saturday only.

But RadioShack offers a few perks that make shopping at their stores a better deal. First, while T-Mobile requires you to sign on to a family plan to take advantage of the free phone offer, RadioShack doesn't have such requirements -- any and all plans are welcome. Also, while T-Mobile might want you to go through a mail-in process to get rebates, RadioShack offers instant rebates for all its phones. Last but definitely not least, new customers will get a $35 account credit, which essentially means free activation.

The catch? For family plans, T-Mobile lets you add up to five for free, while RadioShack will start charging regular prices after two. Also, add-a-lines and flex pay contracts don't qualify.

So if you're disappointed that your local T-Mobile store has run out of your favorite smartphone, you might want to pop by your closest RadioShack instead -- there are more of them anyway -- and you could luck out in the process.


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