Radiohead to play Grammys with marching band

But the rumors differ on what song they'll play.

I'm not a fan of the Grammy awards--I think they offer too many awards and give the big ones to too many has-beens or otherwise undeserving acts--but this year's show, scheduled for Sunday, sounds like the best in years. In particular, several blogs are posting rumors that Radiohead will be playing with the University of Southern California marching band, as Outkast did a few years back.

The rumors vary on song selection, but my bet's on "15 Step"--that electronic percussion intro would be perfect for a marching band drum corps. Add to that performances by a newly re-freaked Paul McCartney and nine months' pregnant MIA, and I'm tempted to watch. The highlights, at least.

Maybe the Grammys got some of the cool that Jazz Fest seems to have lost. Bon Jovi? James Taylor? What the heck? It sounds like they're desperate for audience, and I'm tempted to tell everybody to go--it's the best music festival I've ever attended in terms of quality performers low down on the bill and overall organization of the event--but I don't want them to think it was Bon Jovi that drew people. If you do go, skip the hair-metal has-beens and check out the gospel tent instead. Especially if you think you don't like gospel music.

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