Radio tags dress up RFID concept store

In India, Wipro sets up clothing store to demonstrate latest fashion in inventory control.

A new store at Wipro Technologies' sprawling campus in Bangalore, India, is expected to demonstrate how radio tags can automate checkout, stock maintenance, and the tracing and tracking of goods in a clothing shop.

Radio frequency identification technology (RFID) systems combine chips that carry descriptive information about products with radio technology.

The store at the Wipro campus, announced Wednesday, is meant to help customers understand the how RFID helps integrate business processes in an actual retail environment, Wipro's vice president for retail, Bhanu Murthy, said in a statement.

RFID has become increasingly popular in the United States and Europe, with retail giants like Wal-Mart and Germany's Metro Group preparing to adopt the advanced supply chain management technology on a big scale.

And earlier this year, Indian IT consulting company Infosys announced it would launch a service to help clients develop RFID projects.

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