R2-D2 light-up bra goes beep and boop on your bust

Geek fashion goes overboard with a DIY R2-D2 bra that whistles, beeps, and flashes like a real droid.

R2-D2 bra
This may be the bra you're looking for. Seamster

R2-D2's iconic droid look has inspired quite a few products, ranging from speakers to a rolling suitcase. Instructables user seamster took a look at R2-D2 and zoomed in on the "Star Wars" robot's head. What did it remind him of? Why, a bra, of course.

Most people would giggle about the idea and then move on, but seamster set about making not one, but two R2-D2 bras. He also posted painstakingly detailed instructions for making your own from scratch on Instructables.

Anyone can take a couple of R2-D2 heads, string them together, and call it a bra. Seamster took his DIY project beyond fashion statement and turned it into an interactive work of chest support art, complete with lights and sound effects activated by pushing a button at the center.

There is a duct-tape version and a more advanced version made from paper mache.The latter involved hand-painting details on the domes, crafting eye pieces from clay, and gutting an R2-D2 toy to cannibalize the sound and light effect parts. Seamster added some straps and thoughtfully glued on some felt pieces to act as padding.

Since seamster is a guy and we don't have any photographic evidence of a geek gal actually trying this bra on, there's still a question as to how comfortable it might be to wear to your next cosplay get-together. It's probably totally worth a little chafing, though.

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