Quirky's DigiDude: The rare tripod you'll call cute

Weeks of social development leads to adorable camera mounts.

Choose from five DigiDudes: Pinky Scorsese, Snot Buster, 1iChomp, BoltBot, and G-bling-Money-Son. 'Sup cuz? Quirky

I'm a photographer. As a photographer I've owned a number of tripods and keep a mini tripod in my camera bag at all times. None of them, however, have ever qualified as "cute." These tripods, though, are exactly that.

Meet the DigiDudes. The portable camera tripod/keychain combos are little monsters most of the time, but when they need to do some work you twist off their heads and pull down their retractable legs and they're suddenly tripods. They have a standard screw mount that you put on the bottom of your camera. Now you know what that little screw hole is for, don't you?

The DigiDudes are made by Quirky, a sort of freelance production house for neat product ideas. It takes an open-source approach to product design, and these 'dudes are the results of just such a project. Think of it as a social R&D platform or something.

Quirky has some other projects, but these tripods (for a limited time, $19.99 on preorder) are far and away the cutest. Keep it up, Quirky.

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