'Quik Pod' now handles SLRs, no less dorky

It's still a long pole that you can perch your camera on.

Quik Pod

As camera makers continue to produce relatively affordable SLRs for the mass market, there will be a price to pay of a different kind: dorky accessories.

First up on the list is the "Quik Pod," which now comes in a digital SLR version that looks no less humiliating than the original that apparently touched off an unfortunate trend. This one supposedly extends up to 53 inches, perhaps for those who'd prefer to avoid close-ups while suffering a particularly nasty vacation hangover.

We're not sure if we'd feel comfortable balancing a camera on the end of a stick nearly 4.5 feet away. On the other hand, if you use it enough, you might not need to hit the gym as often.

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