QuickTime and -2048 error: the complete story

QuickTime and -2048 error: the complete story

Following up on our report last time of -2048 errors, we received many many replies. Essentially, the problem is more related to Mac Easy Open than to QuickTime. David Burnham (of Apple's QuickTime Team) explains:

This error is not part of QuickTime. This is the Translation Manager in Mac OS Easy Open. It's been reported in avariety of applications over the years since the inception of Macintosh Easy Open. A user can work around this in one of two ways:
  1. Never select anything saying "with QuickTime." Ever.
  2. Disable Mac OS Easy Open.

Either way will correct such oddities. This will be handled properly in an upcoming release of the system software.

Indeed, several other reports confirm seeing this problem in avariety of situations, including opening a text file in Word 98. One reader noted that an Apple TIL file mentions this error in the context of using the Desktop Printer Utility. Actually, we previously mentioned this TIL file in the MacFixIt Extra on QuickTime. The file notes that this error occurs after the installation of QuickTime 3.0 "because of the new way in which QuickTime 3 checks for media files." To fix the problem it offers the following advice (which is consistent with what David wrote):

Open the Mac OS Easy Open control panel and click the Delete Preferences button. Then select the PPD and this time choose "Desktop Printer Utility" from the dialog box (not 'Desktop Printer Utility with QuickTime translation').

Finally, John Wiseman pointed us to a section of the QuickTime 3 documentation for developers that may be relevant. It's called Obtaining a Graphics Importer Instance.


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