Quickoffice, Docs To Go taking productivity tussle to the iPad

Mobile productivity suite Documents To Go is now iPad-ready, with fierce competitor Quickoffice planning its iPad assault soon.

DataViz/Documents To Go

Quickoffice and Documents To Go have long been in lock-step as the productivity apps to beat on the iPhone. As soon as the feature set of one pulls ahead, the other is sure to leapfrog its way ahead--for a while, anyway.

A few hours after Data Viz updated its Documents To Go app for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, Quickoffice told us its intention to submit a version of its mobile suite for iPad to Apple in the next couple of weeks.

Documents To Go Premium 3.3 adapts to the iPad's extra-large, high-resolution screen and adds a few features unique to the iPad. There's support for iTunes file-sharing between the iPad and computer, and you can also now share documents across apps, for instance opening a Documents To Go doc in the iPad's e-mail client.

The premium version also now reads, edits, and creates Microsoft Office docs (2007-2010) and views Adobe and iWork documents stored by MobileMe iDisk and SugarSync services. The app is also now localized in Spanish, French, Italian, German, and Brazilian Portuguese languages.

Documents To Go Premium 3.3 ($14.99) is available now from the App Store. In addition, Data Viz expects Apple to approve the 3.3 update to the standard version of Documents To Go ($9.99).

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