Quickly chill wine as you pour

The Ravi Wine Chiller makes it easy to serve wine that hasn't been chilled.

Pour and chill. Sur La Table

Wine never seems to be at the correct temperature when you want it to be. Oh, sure, there are wine refrigeration systems and chillers galore, but the fact of the matter is that when it's time to pour, quite often the bottle isn't as ready as you are. The result is usually an open bottle of wine getting progressively colder as it rests in the fridge. The end of the bottle might make it to an ideal temperature, but the same respect should be reserved for the first sip, too.

For those times when the wine you want to drink just isn't ready, you can speed along the process with the Ravi Wine Chiller. The simple device easily fits on to the neck of the wine bottle. The wine is funneled through the gadget and chills as you pour. To prepare for use, place the wine chiller in a freezer for 6 hours. The stainless steel interior is designed to not alter the taste of your wine and reduce the temperature of your wine as it comes in contact with the chilled surface.

Last-minute wine preparation never seems to work out quite right, but for knocking down the temperature a few degrees this wine chiller might be where it's at. Also a main benefit to consider is the portability factor: The gadget chills a bottle of opened wine poured within an hour--perfect for enjoying wine outdoors. Of course, you'll have to remember to actually keep one of these in your freezer, but that's probably easier than remembering to chill the actual wine.

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