Quick update on Hands-on Friday

Update on Hands-on Friday at the Digital Home

Hey everyone. For those of you who were looking for my Friday hands-on with the XM Xpress RC, I apologize. Unfortunately, I took an impromptu vacation over the weekend and just got back. I fully expect my hands-on with the new XM player to be up today or tomorrow at the latest.

While I'm discussing Hands-on Friday, I want to ask you if you'd like to see a video hands-on in tandem with my current hands-on of products. I'm currently exploring the opportunity of doing some video with products and if that's something you'd like to see, please let me know by either leaving a comment here or emailing me at don AT bungatech.com. Also, if you're interested in a video hands-on each Friday, I'd love to hear some of your ideas on how to make it entertaining.

Until then, enjoy some of my past hands-on Fridays by clicking here.

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