Quick Take: Samsung UND7000 series

CNET did not review Samsung UND7000 series, but we did review a similar series, the UND8000.

Although CNET did not review the Samsung UND7000 series, we did review the UND8000 series.

The UND8000 has a higher contrast ratio, and in this case we do expect it to deliver better black-level performance. That's because the UND8000 has local dimming of its edge-lit LED backlight, which the company calls "micro dimming," while the UND7000 does not (more info).

Both TVs have the same ultraslim bezel design, however, so we expect the UND7000 to share the uniformity flaws we saw on the UND8000. The bezel of the 7000 has black accents, whereas the 8000 is entirely metallic chrome.

As far as we can tell there are no other major differences between the two series. For more information, check out our full review of the Samsung UND8000 series.

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