Quick Take: Samsung BD-D5700

Although CNET hasn't reviewed the BD-D5700, we have reviewed the step up Samsung BD-D6700, as well as Samsung Smart Hub streaming-media content portal.

Although CNET hasn't reviewed the Samsung BD-D5700, we have reviewed the step up Samsung BD-D6700.

The BD-D5700 lacks a few features compared with the BD-D6700, most notably 3D Blu-ray compatibility, dual-HDMI outputs, and onboard storage. Also note that the BD-D5700 does not have onboard decoding for DTS-HD Master Audio or DTS-HD High Resolution, although you can still take advantage of those soundtrack formats if you have a receiver with the proper decoders.

Without performing a hands-on review, we don't know how the BD-D5700 will perform in terms of disc-loading speeds and image quality, although we'd note that virtually every Blu-ray player offers identically excellent image quality on Blu-ray movies these days.

The BD-D5700 features Samsung Smart Hub streaming-content portal, so you can get a very good idea of what to expect by reading our full hands-of review of Smart Hub, as well as our wrap-up post comparing the streaming content portals offered by 2011 Blu-ray players.

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