QR code tattoo generates random links

A creative geek inks his arm with a QR code tattoo that pops up with random links to animated GIFs, pictures, tweets, and videos.

QR code tattoo in action
This tattoo is way better than a dolphin riding a unicorn jumping over a rainbow. Video screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

Deciding on a tattoo pretty much means you're stuck with an image for life. To combat staleness, Fred Bosch chose a tattoo that will never look the same twice.

Bosch had a QR code inked onto the inside of his forearm. Scanning it is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're going to get.

The code may pop up with a GIF of a couple of headbangers swinging their hair around, or a recent tweet, a phrase, a video, or a weather report. Bosch calls it the first-ever random tattoo.

If he wants to get meta with it, Bosch could have his QR code tattoo link to images of other tattoos. I would suggest some of our Crave readers' geeky tats or T-Pain's Facebook ink.

Surprise, surprise, this isn't the first QR code tattoo we've heard about. A marketing stunt for Ballantine whiskey got there first.

Bosch may have some stiff competition for nerdy tattoos, but the ever-changing nature of his QR code links means he (and his tattoo viewers) will never get bored. Let's just hope it never gets saggy.

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