QNAP steps up its support for Mac with QGet Utility

QNAP Announces QGet Utility for Mac Users

QGet Ultility's Mac interface. Qnap

QNAP Systems announced on Thursday its QGet Utility application for Mac. The software, which used to be available only to PC users, allows for managing the Download Station features of its Turbo NAS series from a computer.

The Download Station is a function of QNAP's Linux-embedded Turbo NAS which supports BitTorrent, FTP, and HTTP downloads. This lets users download directly onto the NAS drive without having to leave a computer running, thereby saving energy. Generally, you can access a NAS's Web interface to manage the downloads; however, it's more convenient to do this via a desktop application.

While PC-less download feature is also available in other NAS devices, such as the Synology DS-107+ , Qnap, so far, is the only vendor that makes the NAS download management utility for both Mac and PC.

The QGet utility can manage multiple download tasks of one or multiple QNAP NAS servers running within your LAN or even over the Internet. You can add, view the download progress, pause, resume, delete the download tasks, set schedule download, or configure others download settings.

The QGet remote download management utility can be downloaded here for both Mac and PC.

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