Put the squeeze on your New Year's resolution

The Dr. Weil Healthy Kitchen Professional Juice Extractor by Spring Switzerland makes it fun and easy to stick to a healthy diet.

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Remember your New Year's Resolution? No? It's not surprising that you don't. It's not the type of thing you want to remember anyways. Well, today is your lucky day and I'm here to remind you what it was. It was to lose 10 pounds, right? Well, no wonder you let that one slip. Losing weight is no fun. Except if you do it right, there is no need to sacrifice flavor. Drinking juice is certainly a delicious and healthy way to help you to get back in shape in the coming months--if done in moderation.

The Dr. Weil Healthy Kitchen Professional Juice Extractor by Spring Switzerland can help you do just that. Featuring two speeds and a powerful 1,000-watt motor, the juice extractor uses a stainless steel grating system to deliver delicious and healthy juices from hard or soft fruits and vegetables. The unique auto feed feature extracts more juice than conventional juicers. Pulp and juice are automatically separated into two different containers, making it easy for you to use the entire fruit or vegetable. The pulp can be used to thicken soups or stews or added to sauces for an additional dimension of flavor.

It's easy to get back into shape when faced with such a convenient option for creating juices. The capability to custom tailor the exact blend you enjoy is certainly a perk. Being able to extract juice from harder vegetables such as carrots certainly makes finding your favorite blend easy and fun. Considering how we all like to conveniently forget diets, anything that holds extended interest can only be a good thing.

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