Puffy pancakes with a flick of the switch

The Cook's Essentials Nonstick Pancake Puff & Snack Maker is an electrical version of an ebelskiver pan. Capable of making more than the Danish treat, the appliance is versatile as well as convenient.

Stacking spherical pancakes will require a new methodology--and delicious practice.
Stacking near-spherical pancakes will require a new methodology--and delicious practice. QVC

Kitchen electrics have a tendency to make us rationalize their existence. Perhaps it is convenience that is the deciding factor, or maybe an appliance's design appeals to us somehow. And then every once in a while, an appliance comes along that manages to give us some new way--or thing--to cook. Sometimes, appliances can even help us do something that otherwise we would not be able to do.

There can't be too many ways to cook ebelskivers. The distinctive round puffy pancakes require indentations to cook properly that only a specially designed pan can deliver. Either that or the Cook's Essentials Nonstick Pancake Puff & Snack Maker, which combines a heating element with the required cooking surface.

While the appliance does come with a recipe book, which includes the ebelskiver recipe, the unique cooking surface allows for making more than the Danish treat. Once the round cavities are filled with batter (or anything else you can dream up), they can be stuffed with a variety of ingredients for endless possibilities. After turning them over about halfway through cooking, the result is a unique rounded treat that would be hard to recreate with any other appliance--just try making spheroids with a regular frying pan.

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