Public beta now open for Red Hat in the Cloud

RHEL goes live in the clouds today. Give it a spin.

Want to take Red Hat Enterprise Linux for a test drive without having to install anything? Today the public beta for RHEL on the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud went live. It's not perfect, says Red Hat, but that's part of the plan:

We have certified and tested the released AMIs [Amazon Machine Images] within the Amazon EC2 environment and will be providing email-based support for the public beta. While the software is well-proven, we anticipate modifications to the deployment models and use-cases during the beta period and will refine the delivery of our services throughout the beta period.

You can sign up for the beta here. It's a bit like that travel service in Schwarzenegger's Total Recall. You just push a button and it's just like you're there...wherever "there" is.

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