Psystar Web store goes down again

The Mac clone maker is currently unable to sell Open Computers with Mac OS X preinstalled after experiencing an outage for the second straight day.

Mac clone maker Psystar's Web store went down again on Thursday evening, the second time in as many days that the company has experienced an interruption in service.

"We're sorry but the store is temporarily down," Psystar said in the Store section of its Web site late Thursday. The company has been selling computers preinstalled with Mac OS X Leopard through that store, in violation of Apple's licensing policies for Mac OS X.

Psystar's site went down Wednesday after Powerpay, a payment-processing company, pulled its services from Psystar after the company violated the terms of its agreement with Powerpay, according to a Powerpay representative. It's not clear what caused Thursday's outage.

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