PS3 Slim laptop, this time in blue!

Mod master Ben Heckendorn is back with a bruising twist on his PS3 Slim-turned-laptop--a black-and-blue version.

PS3 Slim mod
Modder Heckendorn says the shape of the laptop's main air vent is a direct result of watching his "Iron Man" Blu-ray too much. Ben Heckendorn

A while back, we told you about modder Ben Heckendorn's unique PS3 Slim-turned-laptop . Well, now Heck is back with a bruising twist on that creation: a black-and-blue version.

The laptop has a 17-inch, wide-screen 720p HDMI display; built-in stereo speakers and a headphone jack; USB connectors; lots of air vents; and "stylish pin striping to make games run at blast processing." Granted, you'll probably need to sell your level 80 World of Warcraft characters if you want the master modder to build you one of these, so you might just consider taking a look at the gadget-porn shots here instead.

The modded console has a detachable HDMI cable so you can disable the built-in LCD and hook it to an external source. Ben Heckendorn

PS3 Slim mods
Heckendorn says the new black look lets the laptop collect as many fingerprints as the original PS3. Touch away! Ben Heckendorn

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