PS3 has landed at Hong Kong airport

You can't play your own games, but you can play Sony's for free.

I call next. Hong Kong International Airport/Matt Hickey

The Hong Kong International Airport has taken a fairly interesting approach to keeping waiting, angry passengers from staging mutiny in the terminals. It's partnered with Sony to install 14 playable PS3 consoles, according to The Moodie Report. This is part of a long-lasting partnership between the airport and Sony Computer Entertainment. As it's one of the most trafficked international airports in the world it makes sense that corporations like Sony would use it as a venue to show off their wares--in this case, the latest games.

It's good for the airport, too, as it distracts passengers from their desire to kill the ticketing-booth reps. Currently, the PS3 "poles" feature the PS3's top games, including Final Fantasy XIII, James Cameron's Avatar, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, and Assassin's Creed 2.

As a guy who flies a lot I'd like to see this idea pick up here in the States. I remember that one smaller airport I flew through in California (Sacramento? Oakland?) had a pretty impressive video arcade that was a lot of fun, but free-to-play latest titles win any day over 20-year-old, broken-down Mortal Kombat arcade units.

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