Proximic signs ad deals with Yahoo Shopping,

Content-delivery network delivers contextually relevant ads to blogs and publisher sites.


Content-delivery network Proximic, which has a unique contextual matching system, now has ads to sell that can help bloggers and others monetize their sites.

The company was set to announce on Wednesday that it has signed deals to syndicate the product catalogs of the Yahoo Shopping Network and eBay's This dumps nearly 50 million ad units into Proximic's advertising network.

Proximic, which launched in October, differs from Google AdSense and other keyword-based systems in that it automatically reads and matches relevant content according to "interconnected patterns" in documents that seem to be based more on concepts than words. This can help niche sites attract more relevant ads, says Proximic Chief Executive Philipp Pieper.

Next up is a self-service ad site for bloggers and partnerships with large publishers, he says. The site already offers a way for publishers to distribute their content, like news articles.

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