Protect your home office - from your kids

There's nothing worse than setting up your home office, only to have the kids destroy the lot with an errant game install, virus infection or jam covered keyboard.

Much has been written - and rightfully so - about the dangers children can encounter on the Internet and how to protect their privacy and safety. But what about kids as culprits?

If you've ever watched a 10 year old at a PC, you'll know they rampage through files, documents and web sites with reckless abandon, never reading any type of warning or text tip when poking three random buttons on the keyboard will do. Yes, a little knowledge is dangerous and today's kiddies - from tots to teenagers - are so computer literate that they often think they know what they're doing, when in fact, they often don't.

So before you hear "Mum, Dad - the computer's crashed," let's take a look at some ways you can protect your home office and computer from the (unwitting) enemy within.
Physical security for the under 5s
Physical security for the under 5s
Drawbridges and metal gates may be impractical, but there are ways to make your PC toddler-proof.
Primary school predators
Primary school predators
You don't have to lock the PC away any more -- but it's best to make it as safe as possible, for you and your kids.
Teenage terminators
Teenage terminators
Sure, they might know everything -- but you have to know more. It's not as hard as it sounds, however.
Practice good housekeeping
Practice good housekeeping
Keep your home office PC in tip-top shape with these handy hints.

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