Problems viewing Flash content on an Intel-based Mac? Re-install

Problems viewing Flash content on an Intel-based Mac? Re-install

If you are having problems viewing Flash media in various Universal Binary Web browsers on Intel-based Macs, you may need to re-install the Universal version of Adobe's Flash Player (last week we noted the release of the downloadable version of the Universal Binary Flash Player).

First, go to this page to check what version Flash you currently have installed.

If the installed version is, you have an older version of the Flash Player 8 preview release (likely the one pre-installed on your Intel-based Mac).

If the installed version is, or, and you are not running Safari in Rosetta mode, you have the PowerPC version of Flash Player 8 installed. This version can only be run in Rosetta mode.

Regardless, you should install the current version of the Flash player preview, in order to avoid problems viewing Flash content under Universal browsers.

Browser re-installation may be required Macromedia says that for other problems playing Flash content on Intel-baed Macs, browser re-installation may be required. A TechNote states:

"Reinstall the browser: Download and install the latest version from your browser manufacturer's web site. Make sure to check the system requirements to ensure the browser is supported on Intel-based Macs."


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