Problems reported with YoYoLand 2.1; new 2.1 posted?

Problems reported with YoYoLand 2.1; new 2.1 posted?

As we reported last time, Big Island posted a YoYoLand 2. 1 update.

We have received numerous reports of problems with it. Essentially, the reports say that the update did not work and that reverting to the previous version fixed the problem. The most commonly reported specific symptom was the appearance of an error message that said: "TelephoneLib not found," shortly followed by other error messages and/or a system crash.

Larry Gouger contacted Big Island about these problems and received the following reply: "Sorry for the trouble. The Telephone Manager is Apple software, and maybe we didn't build our installer correctly. We have a separate Telephone Manager installer on our ftp site. Download and run that, and it should fix the problem. You can also try throwing away your YoYo preferences if you are still having trouble."

As pointed out in an Apple Technote, TelephoneLib is part of Apple's Telephone Manager software and (as of Mac OS 7.6) now resides in the data fork of the System file.

Meanwhile, Dan Nelson noticed that the 2.1 update had been pulled the other day. It seems that a new version of the Installer (dated May 24, but still listed as version 2.1) has been posted. Steve Frawley downloaded this "new" version and found that it did indeed solve the problem. However, Jody Hewell did not have as much success; in this case, the result was that a new error message appeared: "Can't Find SpeechLib." (Thanks also to Robert DeBenedictis.)


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