Problems at the polls? Send a tweet

Twitter Vote Report lets voters share their experiences and resources quickly via the popular microblogging service.

Long lines, broken voting machines, and citizens who can't vote because their names don't show up on the registration rolls. A group of software developers and designers have teamed up with the blog techPresident to make it easier for voters to broadcast such issues far and wide--fast.

The Twitter Vote Report, as its name suggests, lets voters share experiences and resources via the popular microblogging service. The messages will then be aggregated and mapped so followers can "see" voting problems in real time via state-specific Google Maps, like the Colorado map at the top of this blog.

Twitterites can post to the Twitter Vote Report in a few ways:

Twitter Vote Report

• By Twitter: post a tweet that includes the hashtag #votereport and then other predetermined tags ("#wait:90" means that the wait time is 90 minutes, for example; #machine would indicate machine problems).

• By text message: send a text message starting with #votereport to 66937 (MOZES).

• By phone: call the automated hotline at 567-258-VOTE (8683) or 208-272-9024 with any touch-tone phone.

• By iPhone/Android phone: download the iPhone App or find the "votereport" app in the Android marketplace.

Of course, the Twitter Vote Report is only one of many online election tools. From polling widgets to iPhone-based countdown clocks, election apps are more plentiful than California electoral votes.

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