Prizefight: Cowon Q5W vs. Archos 705 WiFi

Donald Bell, Brian Tong, and Jasmine France pit two portable video players, the Archos 705 WiFi and Cowon Q5W, against each other in five rounds of judgment.

Photo of Cowon Q5W and Archos 705 WiFi portable media players.
Which super-size Wi-Fi portable video player will win over our panel of three experts?

In the past few months, these two mastodons of Wi-Fi portable media stampeded through the CNET office, leaving a trail of awestruck and dumbfounded reviewers in their dust. It seemed only natural to pit these two behemoths against each other in a prizefight worthy of their intimidating giantism.

Will the Cowon Q5W's Bluetooth and GPS functionality beat out the Archos 705 WiFi's 7-inch touch screen and higher storage capacity? Click through to witness our prizefight's five rounds of gadget-on-gadget brutality.

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Donald Bell has spent more than five years as a CNET senior editor, reviewing everything from MP3 players to the first three generations of the Apple iPad. He currently devotes his time to producing How To content for CNET, as well as weekly episodes of CNET's Top 5 video series.


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