Prizefight: Archos 605 WiFi vs iPod Touch

CNET Senior Editor Donald Bell puts the iPod Touch and Archos 605 WiFi in a head-to-head battle for Wi-Fi PVP supremacy.

Photo of Archos 605 WiFi next to Apple iPod Touch.

Already bored with today's turkey-themed revelry? Want to see what happens when we pit the most advanced iPod ever made against the underdog Archos 605 WiFi? We've been waiting for this gadget smackdown for a long time, and the results of CNET's official Archos 605 WiFi vs iPod Touch prizefight have just been published.

Will the iPod Touch's sex appeal carry it through to the finish line? Does Archos' bulky, feature-packed PVP stand a snow's chance in hell against the immensely popular iPod? You'll have to click through to find out.

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