Printing without the printer

Gadget scans images and spits them right back


We're not huge on scanning devices (especially where our bodies are concerned), but mostly because they aren't always as practical or workable as they might first seem. Still, we're intrigued by PrintDreams' "Xyron Design Runner" for its unique approach if nothing else.

Unlike other handheld scanners that require separate storage (cards, sticks, etc.) that's then transferred to a printer, this gadget scans the images and spits them back onto whatever object you want, not just paper. It's kind of like a digital version of those old handheld label makers, but it prints directly on the surface instead of using sticky tape.

The price isn't pocket change ($200), but it may be worth it because, as Shiny Shiny says, the Xyron is "adaptable to many awkward media that could never go through a conventional printer." That doesn't mean, though, that it should be used for homemade tattoos.

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