Printer looks like parking ticket device

Handheld is ultra-portable

The nano-ization of gadgetry has often left printers behind--a frustration for those of us who can't seem to shake the pulp fix no matter how hard we try. Brother Japan tries to address that addiction with a super-thin "MPrint" MW-260, a hanheld printer that's less than three-quarters of an inch thick and weighs about 1.2 pounds.

Aside from its size, the printer is even more portable because it can work wirelessly via Bluetooth more than 30 feet away from laptops, smart phones, PDAs and other devices, according to Fareastgizmos. And you won't need to carry around individual sheets because the printer uses paper fed automatically from a special cassette.

One thing to note: At this size, it can't use standard letter-sized paper, so you'll still have to print out your resumes at the office. But it's great if you want to pretend to be a meter cop writing parking tickets.

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