Princess Leia headphone covers: What took so long?

Get in touch with your inner Princess Leia with a set of brunette bun headphone covers from Etsy.

Galactic Princess Headphone Covers
She must be listening to the "Star Wars" theme. JacquieLongLegs/Etsy

Princess Leia's famous head buns are joining forces with your favorite headphones through the power of Etsy.

Galactic Princess Headphone Covers side view
These look cozy. (Click to enlarge.) JacquieLongLegs/Etsy

Since George Lucas has an Imperial Army of lawyers at his disposal, however, the official name of these headphone covers on JacquieLongLegs' Etsy page is "Galactic Princess Headphone Covers."

The $24 covers are made from synthetic hair. That's not surprising. Headphone covers made from real Carrie Fisher hair would probably fetch about $500,000 on eBay.

The product description implies that wearing these headphone covers to Comic-Con will get you laid instantly. Will that work for guys, too?

You may have to sacrifice a set of headphones to your "Star Wars" obsession. The strongest method of attachment is glue, but you can also install them as a temporary accessory.

The covers come in classic brunette, but you can special-order blonde or ginger to match your own tresses. Even better, combine it with a crocheted Boba Fett helmet and really cause a disturbance in The Force.

(Via Technabob)

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