Prickly proposition: Dress your dog as a porcupine

And a lit-up one no less, thanks to a creative, if slightly odd DIY Halloween costume for canines.

Francesca dressed up
We know, Francesca, we know...

It's a dog. It's a porcupine. It's a dog dressed as a porcupine (Martha Stewart's dog Francesca, no less). Yes, it looks like Francesca will be dressing up as another animal species this Halloween, and she no doubt will suffer a serious identity crisis in the process.

The very creative Alison Lewis, editor of the technology life and style blog Switch, went on Martha's show Monday to demonstrate how to make the illuminated porcupine dog costume.

Required materials include fiber optic strands, electrical tape, a 5-millimeter LED light, AAA batteries, silver reflective paper, a craft knife, and a giant doggie toy to give the pooch as a reward for being mocked endlessly by all its canine friends.

On her blog, Lewis also explains how to make a light-up dandelion costume (pictured below) in case you and your pet would rather go the flora route this holiday. Some might call these costumes cute, but we're just worried about Francesca. Poor thing already has her own blog, and now this...


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