Price watch: 8GB flash drive, $9.99 shipped

If you don't mind waiting on a rebate, this Corsair drive can be yours for just 10 bucks.

This is the lowest price yet on an 8GB flash drive. Newegg

On Monday, I posted an 8GB flash drive for $16.99 . Sorry to do this, but Newegg has an even better deal (with one catch): it's an 8GB Corsair Flash Voyager drive for $9.99 shipped.

What's the catch? You have to pay $24.99 up front, then wait on a $15 mail-in rebate (PDF).

If you don't mind that, this is far and away the best deal I've seen on an 8GB drive. And it has a 10-year warranty, twice that of Monday's Kingston drive.

In the looks department, I'll give the nod to the Corsair's rugged, black-and-blue shell. Alas, I don't see any way to keep the cap from disappearing, which is a constant problem for me and my flash drives.

Still, for 10 bucks, big whoop. It wasn't too long ago that a 4GB drive at this price point was reason for excitement. Who's taking bets on when we'll see a 16GB drive for under a sawbuck?



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