Pressplay to use technology

The online music-subscription service backed by Vivendi Universal and Sony says it will use the technology as the blueprint of its offering.

Pressplay, an online music-subscription service backed by Vivendi Universal and Sony, Thursday said it will use's technology as the blueprint of its offering.

The agreement is not surprising, given public statements of this intention since Vivendi Universal agreed to acquire for about $350 million in May. Vivendi Universal painted the acquisition as a technology buy, saying the online music company's technology could facilitate the digital distribution of various forms of content.

Vivendi Universal has a large stake in creating content. It owns the largest record company, Universal Music Group, major television and film studios in Canal+ and Universal Studios, and international publishing ventures, including a recent acquisition bid for Houghton Mifflin.

The acquisition of was one of the pivotal moments in the brief but contentious lifespan of the online music industry. Many of the industry's scrappier start-ups have either gone out of business or have financial relationships with much larger entities. This includes Bertelsmann's investment in Napster and its acquisition of Myplay, and Yahoo's acquisition of Launch Media.

With Thursday's deal, will not only provide the building blocks to help Pressplay deliver music, but also will offer songs in Pressplay's library to visitors of its own site.

Pressplay will launch later this summer, the company said.

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