Presenting Goldmund's Media Room, prices start at $300,000

Goldmund's ultra high end home theater.

The way the other half live. Goldmund

Goldmund, a Swiss-based company, announced the availability of its media room "that exceeds the quality and performance of the nation's top commercial movie theaters and director's screening rooms." They call it "perfection in an imperfect world." Goldmund competes in the ultra-luxury stratosphere of the audiophile universe.

The Audiophiliac's apartment, just kidding! Goldmund

The Goldmund Media Room has up to 128 channels of audio, individual amplifiers for each speaker, and uses proprietary technology to overcome challenging room acoustics. Using their high tech room modeling software, Goldmund's team of professionals determine the number of speakers, and designs all the signal processing software that, loaded in the central processor, will produce optimal sound.

Goldmund Media Room installations begin at $300,000. Cost of décor and furnishings are extra.

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