preGame 34: Epic Mickey

Epic Mickey demo, top 10 games of 2010, and the L.A. Noire debut trailer!


Today on preGame, we'll demo the highly anticipated Wii exclusive game from Disney, Epic Mickey. We can't remember the last time Mickey starred in his own game, so make sure to catch our gameplay and impressions.

But first we'll screen the brand-new full in-game trailer for L.A. Noire, the '40s-inspired mystery thriller from Rockstar Games. Due out in the Spring, L.A. Noire features some of the most impressive facial expressions on characters we've ever seen; no joke!

Finally, Mark helps pick apart Jeff's top 10 games of 2010 post . Did your favorite game make the list? Make sure to tune in next week as we'll unveil the 10 worst games of 2010.

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