preGame 28: TGS 2010 wrap-up

With TGS 2010 in the books, we take a look at some of the debut game trailers to come out of the big show.


With TGS 2010 in the books, we'll highlight the most notable debut trailers to come out of the show. Today on preGame we'll screen previews of The Last Guardian, DMC, Wrath of Asura, and Shadows of the Damned.

But first, we'll hop right into a brand new gameplay video of BioShock Infinite! The just-released movie certainly raises even more questions about the city of Columbia, but also gives us plenty of action to analyze.

Before we dive into the trailers from TGS 2010, we'll talk about a recent New York Times article that suggests Japanese developers are looking to the West for inspiration. The piece talks with an employee from Capcom about the lack of innovation at this year's Tokyo Game Show and the desire to globalize appeal.

While Capcom may be having issues reaching an American gaming audience, the company did unveil some new franchises at TGS 2010. Watch with us and decide for yourself if these titles will find success in the states.

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