Precipitate merges Mac OS X, Google cloud

Program makes it easy to search Google's cloud data, but it stops short of some of the most interesting data: e-mail.

Spotlight, Apple's exceptional desktop search program, is great for finding files on your Mac. I also use it to launch programs, look up dictionary definitions, and do the occasional math problem.

While Spotlight is excellent on the desktop, it doesn't know beans about the cloud. Enter Precipitate.

I just came across the cool open-source Precipitate program, which was released this summer. It allows you to search Google Docs or Google Bookmarks from the comfort of Spotlight (or Google Desktop).

How does this work? According to Google's Web site: "Precipitate works by creating files on your machine that are imported by Spotlight, then periodically checking in with the server and updating the local files to reflect any changes."

Pretty useful, though it will become much more so when Precipitate enables Gmail searches, as well. Too much to hope for?

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