Pre-built iMac enclosure for video failure problem

Pre-built iMac enclosure for video failure problem

We previously reported on one user's successful attempt to side-step his iMac's video failure problems by transplanting the guts of his system to a PC case. MacFixIt Aaron Kay points out a $399 solution from Marathon - the iRack - that will also do the job:

"It may be a better option for those users who don?t want to let go of their little buddies but may not be technically inclined or comfortable with transplanting to a case that wasn?t designed with the odd shaped logic boards in mind."

"For those who don't want to pay full price for these enclosures, Marathon also has a clearance page where demo items, etc.. are sold under retail. I have made use of a few of these enclosures for the late slot-load iMacs and they work as advertised, integrating nicely into my data center for basic server duty. They are easy to install into, and make great use of the remaining functioning parts of the machine."


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