Prank your friends this Xmas with dummy gift box

Prankpack introduces a few new prank gift boxes for Christmas 2011.

A pair of slipper speakers would make the dreams of your geek friend come true... for a moment.
A pair of slipper speakers would make the dreams of your geek friend come true... for a moment. Prankpack

Running out of creativity when trying to find gifts for friends and family? Here's a suggestion that almost guarantees some good fun, regardless of the gift: dummy gift boxes from

These are regular rectangular cardboard boxes, about the size of a giant phone book, with professionally printed art and photos that suggest out-of-this-world, crazy products they have inside. The thing is, none of these products exists, and instead you just use the boxes to pack anything else that you want to give.

Just imagine the excitement, mixed with some bewilderment, your nerdy friend will have upon receiving the iDrive box, a fictional device that helps dock the iPad on a car's steering wheel, and then wait till he or she opens it.

Apart from the iDrive, two new prank boxes for this year include the Bathe & Brew box that purports a to have a coffee maker shaped like a shower head, and Toe Tunes box that supposedly contains a pair of headphones that are also slippers.

These new prank boxes, as well as those introduced last year are available now and cost $8 each. They get cheaper if you buy them in bulk. They'll make a great gift boxes for those participating in a Secret Santa or any other Christmas gift exchange event.

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