Prank a techie with these fake gadget gift boxes

Play a practical joke on your favorite geek with these impossible inventions.

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While holiday shopping, we ran across these hilarious fake gift boxes, purporting to contain an outrageous assortment of high-tech gadgets (and we promptly ordered a two-pack from ThinkGeek for our own holiday pranking).

These are simple rectangular cardboard boxes, each printed with art and copy purporting to tout a fantastic gift-ready gadget. Of course, none of these devices actually exists; these are just dummy boxes for you to use to disguise your own gifts. After getting the iArm tablet forearm mount and the automated PetPetter, we checked out the manufacturer's Web site at and found several other winners, which we present here in handy slideshow format.

Of course, for the actual gifts to hide inside these faux boxes, you should check out CNET's 2010 Holiday Gift Guide and our Holiday 2010 laptop review roundup .

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