Power up body and mobile device with the Bella Toast and Brew Breakfast Station

The Bella Toast and Brew Breakfast Station features a USB port for convenient device charging. Because toast and coffee go better with juice.

The Bella Toast and Brew Breakfast Station is your all-in-one first stop of the day.
The Bella Toast and Brew Breakfast Station is your all-in-one first stop of the day. Amazon

Every day has to start somewhere. For millions of Americans, nothing happens until the coffeemaker kicks into action. The dark elixir that is coffee fuels us forward with the all-important first caffeine jolt of the day. Others prefer a bite before heading into action; for them, perhaps the toaster is the first appliance of the day. Then, of course, there are those who must attend to more practical matters first: recharging the phone because of forgetting to plug it in.

Considering the fact that morning fog can obscure the path to multiple appliances, Bella has created the Toast and Brew Breakfast Station ($34.99). Combining a toaster and a coffeemaker and throwing in a USB port for good measure, the one-stop breakfast gadget offers convenient recharging of body, mind, and mobile device.

Available in a variety of colors, the combination appliance will brighten any day. If that doesn't do it, the 14-ounce single-serve coffee maker might do the trick. For the hungry, the two-slice toaster offers a bagel setting, browning control, and reheat and defrost options. And of course, the USB port located on the front lower left of the unit provides the means to really power through your day.

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