Portal goes steampunk with gorgeous gun replica

Artist Duncan Shirah creates a delightful culture clash by meshing the sci-fi world of Portal with Victorian times in a Portal gun unlike any other.

Portal steampunk gun
Your Portal is ready, sir. Duncan Shirah

The Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device, better known as the Portal gun, has been lovingly re-created in the real world by many fans.

Sculptor Duncan Shirah has taken a slightly different approach to his Portal gun. The sleek, modern trappings are stripped away and we're left with an incredible steampunky gun full of polished wood, glass, and brass accoutrements.

This is what would happen if Portal collided with "Wild Wild West." The only question is what would happen if the device actually worked. Would you leave your test chamber and end up in Sherlock Holmes' sitting room?

This Portal gun opens up a lot of possibilities for Portal genre crossovers. We've got steampunk covered. I'm rooting for a "Lord of the Rings" Portal gun next. Once that's taken care of, how about a Portal/My Little Pony crossover? Let's make it happen.

If you like Shirah's gun, then check out his other works. He has an impressive ability to meld technology with traditional materials.

Portal gun steampunk-style
Dr. Watson, fetch my Portal gun. Duncan Shirah

(Via Reddit)

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