Portable speakers are small in size and price

Insten's folding set goes for a mere 6 bucks.


As phones, MP3 players, and other media devices continue to cram in every imaginable feature, the hope for decent built-in speakers seems dim in the foreseeable future. That means external speakers will be around for awhile, though they too are understandably under pressure to stay as portable as possible.

In many cases, that means they need to do some type of contortions to fit in a pocket or purse, not to mention costing more money than most people want to pay. That's where Insten's travel speaker system comes in: Not only does it fold up to a compact 4 by 2.5 inches, but as of this writing it's selling for just $6 on Amazon (not a typo). We wouldn't expect the biggest sound from these, but it's hard to ask for a whole lot at that price.


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