Portable hard drives go extra mile in Asia

Various models add flexibility for media and storage.

Crave Asia

Almost two years ago, Consus wowed us with a portable hard drive that played video and MP3 files directly onto a TV. Though the formats were limited to a handful of common standards, it did free us from the need to lug along a PC or DVD player during hotel stays.

Recently, we spotted similar models that not only play processer-intensive formats like XviD, DivX, and DVD MPEG-2 files, but also include such functions as an SD card slot and OTG capabilities. The latter is essentially a USB port that can transfer files from any USB storage device directly to the hard disk without a computer. This is great for those who love to take tons of photos on their digital cameras, as they can transfer the contents to the hard drive and save money on multiply memory cards.

These portable hard drives can be found on the Asian market under different brand names, including Gemini and Consus, with prices ranging from $46 to $66.

(Source: Crave Asia)

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