Porsche holding open call for positions

Automaker wants mechanics, engineers and high school students willing to be trained, women especially encouraged to apply.

Porsche crest

Now this could be a great reality show. It's like a combination of American Idol and Top Gear.

Porsche announced that it's holding open calls for 100 jobs Friday at its training center in Zuffenhausen, Germany.

Women, especially, are being encouraged to apply. The company would like to increase the number of women working in its industrial departments, which currently stands at only 10 percent, according to Dieter Esser, Porsche's head of vocational training.

"Every day we witness that the women are in every way the equals of their male colleagues and are just as enthused by Porsche technology as the guys are," Esser said in a statement.

The company is also looking for industrial mechanics who it can train to build Porsches and electro-mechanical automotive engineers who "specialize in passenger-car technology or vehicle-communication technology ."

But it's not all about the Nurburgring and a mechanical background. The call is open to even high school students, if they are willing to work at Porsche service centers in Russia and China after completing their Porsche training.

The apprenticeships begin in September. AutoBlog notes that Porsche has said grades are less important than passion, so open really means open to everyone.

Hope you like borscht or dumplings.

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