Poppin' to the top

Chris Brown's hit single tops Billboard's ringtone chart, with Buckcherry, Nickelback, Rascal Flatts, and 50 Cent rounding out the top five.

Chris Brown can't wait to turn 21. chrisbrownworld.com

This will be a weekly article tracking the most popular ringtones.

Ah, to be Chris Brown. The 18-year-old has a double-platinum album, was nominated for a Grammy, and has no problems with the ladies. But now, in even more exciting news, his single "Poppin'" is the top ringtone in the United States this week, according to Billboard.

The second hottest ringtone is Buckcherry's "Crazy B****." A catchy tune, yes, but you might run into trouble if you assign it to your girlfriend's number.

Proving that they're not dead yet, the Canadian rock band Nickelback has slid into the third spot with "Rockstar," while Rascal Flatts proves that country music is relevant in the digital age with "What Hurts the Most" placing fourth.

In the fifth spot, 50 Cent's "Candy Shop" stays on the charts despite being played out. Everyone's favorite gunshot victim has been on the charts for 107 weeks now, which is 100 weeks too long. I'd rather hear silence than another person with this ringtone.

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