PopCap Games and Amazon get exclusive

Amazon and PopCap Games sign exclusivity deal to include three of its most popular titles on Amazon's Android Appstore.

Chuzzle is available as the App of the day on Amazon's Appstore and is a Wi-Fi only download. Amazon

Amazon knows what mobile gamers want--popular titles and freebies. By inking high-profile studios to exclusive launches, the company has generated plenty of positive buzz around its Appstore and continues to build momentum, especially with its free App of the Day offers. The first being the hugely popular exclusive free download of Rovio's Angry Birds Rio.

So to follow up Amazon's success with its deal with Rovio, the company recently signed an exclusive agreement with casual gaming company PopCap. Chuzzle is the first game to roll out from PopCap and is also the free download of the day. Other PopCap titles will soon follow this month, including Peggle and Plants vs. Zombies--which is slated to arrive to the Appstore towards the end of May and will also be free on launch day, then go back to their standard retail prices after the one-day promotions expire, at $2.99 each. All three games will remain an Amazon exclusive for only two weeks, and then becomes available everywhere else you get your Android fix from.

Amazon is definitely shaking things up in the Androidverse--slowly luring users away from Android's official marketplace as the first place to go for apps--and they have to be paying out some substantial cash to get a deal like this sealed. Remember how absurdly popular Plants vs. Zombies was, or still is? By the way, PopCap, we're still waiting on that sequel.

On a mobile platform level, are there any studios banging out successful games in the iTunes store that you would like to see ported over to the Amazon's list of Android apps? Who do you think Amazon should sign up with next?

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