Pool-cleaning robot powered by the sun

First lawns, now pools get solar maintenance.

Solar Breeze

It may not be long before solar-powered bots are taking care of all our household chores. Already we've seen robotic lawnmowers get powered by the sun, and now pool cleaners are going solar too.

The "Solar Breeze" is apparently the first pool-skimming robot of its kind, capturing ultraviolet rays with two panels and storing the energy in its rechargeable batteries. It requires no electrical connections and "never stops working," according to its Web site. The bot is also capable of dispensing chlorine as it cleans, though it should be noted that another solar product, the "Floatron," can distribute chemicals on its own as well.

Stil, the Solar Breeze is likely to present some competition for other independent pool-cleaning devices. Which means there's hope that an underwater bot battle may someday be in the offing.

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