Poll: Touch pad or pointing stick?

Readers, please let us know your laptop navigation preference.

The (hypothetical) scene:

CNET meeting room, day. Three CNET editors sit at a conference table, surrounded by coffee cups. They're debating the merits of a new ultraportable laptop.

Editor 1
Great performance, great battery life, a great all-around machine. There's one feature that could be a major downside, though.

Editor 2
What's that?

Editor 1
Well, there's a pointing stick, but no touch pad.

Editor 3
Gah! That is an absolute deal-breaker. I hate those things!

Editor 1
You know, they don't bother me, but I know some people have strong feelings about them.

Editor 3
To me, this laptop is useless without a touch pad. There's clearly room on the case to fit one in, so why didn't they include it?

Editor 1
Haven't you ever been typing on a small laptop and accidentally grazed the touch pad? Your cursor winds up several paragraphs away. Infuriating!

Editor 3
Yes, but that's minor compared with the frustration of that tiny stick, which is a pointless legacy feature.

Editor 2
You know, I prefer a touch pad myself, and I'd bet that most of our readers do, too.

Editor 1
Well, we should ask.

Editor 2 and Editor 3 (in unison)

So, dear reader, please let us know your laptop navigation preference in the poll below, and feel free to elaborate in the comments.

CNET News poll

Of mice and men
Which laptop mousing method do you prefer?

Touch pad all the way!
Pointing stick FTW
Meh, it doesn't matter to me.

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