Poll Authority gives Poll Daddy a run for less money

Make beautiful polls galore with Poll Authority.

Like polls? Check out Poll Authority, a new poll host that lets you create some really clean looking polls with relative simplicity. It offers many of the features the popular Poll Daddy does but at a lower cost for its pro service which runs at $8 a month. Stripped out are surveys, meaning you're limited to just polls, but it's set up to let you create one in less than a minute which is impressive.

Also included in the pro accounts is vote analysis, which lets you drill down and see where your voters are coming from as well as a time lines and charts that can either be exported or subscribed to through various feeds.

Out of all its features though, the built-in themes are worth the most attention because they're simple and well done. You can stretch out each poll to whatever width you want and drop in your own CSS to have it match your site.

Like Poll Daddy's answers section, Poll Authority gives you the option to make your polls public to everyone. Each poll will get its own special page where anyone can view the results and discuss. If you're looking for pure audience, Poll Daddy's got the edge with more users. A Poll Authority poll I put up earlier didn't get many outside votes, whereas ones I've done on the past with Poll Daddy get a good segment of voters who end up there from Poll Daddy's answers page alone.

Poll Authority isn't quite as advanced with handling media as some other tools I've seen. For instance Polls Boutique, which I looked at back in April lets you drop in a video for each question whereas Poll Authority only allows for one. I think most people will be more than okay with this, but it's always nice to have the option.

Poll Authority joins a slew of other services competing for user votes and traffic. See also: Quibblo, CircleUp, Toluna, StrawPoll and Twitpoll.

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